Maintenance of equipment on site

The diversity of our skills and our equipment but also our organisation and availability make us an ideal partner for your maintenance and renovation operations, economisers...

Rechargement sur site

Surfacing on site

In the thermal field and more specifically in household waste incineration units, rapid wear of incineration units requires significant regular interventions, which are expensive in terms of the work performed and in operating losses.

To combat the effects of corrosion and erosion, we have developed an effective response by resurfacing surfaces with an alloy adapted to combustion conditions.

Service programme

Service programme

Steel and steel with surfacing :

  • Installation expertise: thickness measurement, mapping…
  • Advice on programming work and work planning
  • Replacement of partial or full tubular screens
  • Replacement of exchangers, superheaters, evaporators…
  • Replacement of manifolds
  • Surfacing on site of tubular screen, arches, reroutings...
  • Replacement of expanded tubes, drums, tubular plates
  • Sheet metal work restoration

Disponibilité :
En cas d’urgence, nous assurons des astreintes. Nos chargés d’affaires se tiennent à votre disposition 7j/7.